About Me

Mahdia, Tunisia

“I am a borderland child. A strange, composite creature, not quite belonging, not quite disowned.” So began one of my (many) college reflections on identity; over a decade later, the statement still rings true.

I am a global nomad who writes to make sense of my world.

I am also a teacher, a writer, a feminist, a Christ-follower, a book-reader, a movie-watcher, an anime-lover, a meaning-seeker, a sister, a daughter, and a friend (not to mention an aunt!).

I love book stores, coffee shops, strenuous hikes, old buildings, West End theatre, quiet mornings, clear skies, hot croissants, and good conversations.

When not in North Africa and the Middle East (where I grew up), I miss the scent of jasmine on summer nights, the taste of spicy red sauces sopped up with crusty bread, the cool feel of tiles against bare feet, the lilting musicality of Arabic on the tongue. I miss knowing myself at home.

I am a Third Culture Kid; an INFJ; a 5 on the Enneagram; a (recovering?) perfectionist; a seeker of adventure, courage, vulnerability, gratitude, and hope.

The Divinity School, Bodleian Library, Oxford UniversityAfter studying writing and literature in the US, doing my master’s in women studies at the University of Oxford, teaching in Jordan, climbing fells in the UK, working as a coffee shop barista, temping as an adjunct for my alma mater, and settling in Kenya for a while, I’m back on the move.

What’s next? God knows. Me, I’m just seeking to follow along with open palms. Attentive to wonder and awake to the miracle that is this life.

Please join me on my journey.

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